Sylvia & Me
Sylvia & Me
Thankful for Our Voice - Wendy Walker & Sylvia Beckerman

What better way to give thanks to being able to use your voice. International bestselling author Wendy Walker sets out to interview me, Sylvia Beckerman, CEO & Founder Life Après and Après Divorce. Author of psychological thrillers, Wendy has been a guest on the podcast numerous times and a speaker at several Life Après and Après Divorce events. So the question is…who better to uncover the story behind the story?

Why the journeys? And what was the beginning? 135 episodes later…135 extraordinary women and now for some answers. How a shy, divorced, single working mom of two found her voice and in turn, created a platform for so many women. A journey that started at the age of 65 and I’m still going strong six years later. Who knows what’s next.