Sylvia & Me
Therese Plummer: Strong, Inspiring & Determined

This week is all about a strong, inspiring woman. A horrid, nearly fatal car crash isn’t keeping her down. I’m talking about Therese Plummer, a storyteller, performer of audiobooks and a woman who is an inspiration. In honor of Therese and wishing her a speedy recovery, here’s our conversation from this past January.

A very candid conversation with an amazing actor, storyteller and all around extraordinary woman. Therese has helped many of us to be able to escape, even for just a little while during these wild times. Amazing, but it was her mother who pushed her into this field.


  • But her mother was a librarian!
  • Storytelling without using expressions or moving or using your hands?
  • How can you tell a story with just your voice?
  • A wild child and teenager – really?
  • She’s been to the bottom – how did she clean herself up?
  • Crisis Center, Drama Therapy and conveying the emotional life and journey of each character.
  • Bringing books alive for those who have trouble reading.