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Sylvia & Me
Tova Friedman - Holocaust Survivor - Never Forget

Tova Friedman, ‘Daughter of Auschwitz’, is one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. She wants us to never forget. Never forget the innocent children who were murdered during the Holocaust.  Together with Malcolm Brabant, Tova is the co-author of ‘The Daughter of Auschwitz’, her story of resilience, survival and hope.

From the age of one, Tova lived through the Holocaust. In 1945 at the age of 6, along with other children in her barrack in Auschwitz, Tova entered the crematorium. A glitch took place and the children were told to get dressed and return to their barracks. For Tova, the only reality she knew then was that Jewish children entered it and never returned. Seventy-seven years later, she reminds us that we must never forget. It’s a difficult story to hear, the details are frightening. Tova tells it for the grandchildren of the world…the people of the world.  And to send a warning of what can happen if we don’t abolish hatred.

Tova’s grandson introduced her to Tik Tok where she tells her story. Few high school students know about the Holocaust. Her grandson wanted to reach just a few. She’s reached hundreds of thousands.