Sitting at T’s having wine and pizza with some new friends, it seems amazing that the evening is just about over. We started the evening with ‘Powering Past Your Comfort Zone’. It was a theme and had good intentions. Turns out it was just what was needed. What we experienced was hearing and seeing from someone who had done just that.

The evening started off with a gathering at Vertical Addiction, a wonderful new studio featuring pole dancing. Yup- just what we thought. It turns out that it’s a place where a challenge is waiting.

We heard from a wonderful young single mom, divorced with 5 children, who managed to persevere. She stepped out of her comfort zone and turned a sad person into a strong, happy woman and mom. Her strength, excitement for life and positive attitude turned into something contagious. Before we knew it, several of us were trying out simple routines. We’ve met some new friends and have been enticed to try something new and step out of our comfort zone.

Vertical Addiction, thank you for allowing us to use your studio. Thank you to Trevor Mullineaux for insight into blending families and transformation. And thank you Aileen for being so open and sharing your uplifting story. You’ll understand the effect you had when you see new faces showing up at your intro class.

For all of the Apres community, I want to thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our next gathering. Put February 13th on your calendar. We will Revamp… reenergize and celebrate the most important person for Valentines Day… YOU!