The evening was all about

Relationships and Intimacy.

What do you think about when you hear ‘Relationships and Intimacy’? Do you realize that these are two subjects that never get old?  Well, they don’t.

Ronnie Ann Ryan , our dating guru started the conversation.

  • What are you looking for, what traits are you not?
  • And how do you know not only if ‘he’s just not into you’ but if he actually is.

Next up, Marcia Geller, therapist and intimacy guru.  Key elements for intimacy:

  • Self love 
  • Holding onto yourself

Most Important of All

A relationship is made up of 2 people, each brings 100% of themselves.

And quite a lot more. Our absolutely fabulous ladies had the conversation flowing. Thank you all for an evening filled with new faces, lively conversation. Very interesting indeed.

We need to thank Sign of the Whale for hosting and donating food and their signature pink cocktail to start off a very interesting evening. The evening benefited Stamford Health Paint the Town Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. This was also the first showing of Jill Saltzman‘s new Fall Jewelry Collection. And thank you to my beautiful, courageous and magnificent friend Candee Caldwell for coming. Her beauty and grace is a wonderful model and testimony that the big C can bring out strength, grace and a dignity that we may not know we have.

And to all of our Absolutely Fabulous Women.