When regular people get divorces, they hold yard sales. When celebrities get divorced, they hold international auctions at Sotheby’s.

Auctions and divorces of the rich and famed have something in common: they tend to be cloak-and-dagger affairs completed in private and taken public only when they must be, if they must be taken public at all.

Russell Crowe and his soon-to-be ex-wife, actress Danielle Spencer, however, are not typical rich-and-famed acteurs. Their divorce, nearly finalized after their separation five years ago, will dovetail nicely with a public auction at Sotheby’s Australia called, “The Art of Divorce.”

The catalogue cover shows Crowe toasting the viewer with what appears to be a Manhattan cocktail looking very much like he’s trying to sell you a luxury watch. Which, in fact, he is. 29 of them, in fact.

An estimated $50,000 Vacheron Constantin, “a fine and rare platinum automatic wristwatch,” is among the 227 lots of fine art, antique vehicles, furniture, jewelry, musical instruments, and film paraphernalia available for bidding on April 7, 2018, a significant date in house Crowe because it’s both his birthday (he’s turning 54) and wedding anniversary (it will be their 15th). If these two retain nothing else after selling off all this stuff, at least they will have their sense for flare.

Crowe told Australia’s Daily Telegraph that everything is mutual and above board. “We’ve been separated over five years now, our divorce should be finalized around the time of the auction.

Just as we collaborate on the upbringing of our kids, it’s easy for us to work together on something like this. I think she feels the same way I do in regards to just moving on things that help create space for the future.”

How much space for the future? “On the practical side, this collection probably equates to three rooms full of things I’ll no longer have to care for, document, clean, tune, and insure,” Crowe added.

Now on to the bounty: The pair appear to be dispensing with quite an extensive guitar collection and cricket-paraphernalia collection.

Pittsburghers should pay special attention to State of Play (2009) and The Next Three Days (2010) lots. Both Steelers and Pirates black-and-yellow are well represented among the items.

Denzel Washington and Ridley Scott chair backs from American Gangster are available, confusingly. The more anticipated Gladiator costumes, swords, a fully-functional replica Roman chariot, and life-sized prop horses make a good showing, as do items from Cinderella Man, Master and Commander, 3:10 to Yuma, Robin Hood, Les Misérables, and more. Fans of Crowe, eat your heart out.


Source: http://bit.ly/2oXOpUP