shoe_forpost Yes – I said shoes. Everyone has their own way of coping.

It started when the first signs of the disaster that I knew was on its way veered its ugly head. I decided that I deserved something that was just for me and so I went shopping. Not for anything in particular but it was as if something was pulling me to the shoe department. And what do you know, there right before my eyes was a fabulous pair of black patent sling back stilettos. I couldn’t resist. My ex had hated patent, thought it looked cheap. So I didn’t buy patent. Well let me tell you… I loved these. There was no reason to hold back any longer. This was for me!

Not only was I buying them, but they had to be the only pair in my collection that I actually paid full price for. And did it make me feel better! A small step for sure, but a very empowering one. Whenever I feel down or anxious, I take them out, put them on and I can smile.