“I’ve got to take chances and get out there. What are you going to do, sit home and knit? I don’t knit.”
– Cybill Shephard
“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Packing it up

Journeys, adventure, taking chances and experiences.

Taking the chance is like making the journey so that you can e experience life. You have to take that journey so that you can have the experience and with it, maybe an adventure.  Over the years I have taken many journeys. Some have been thoroughly thought out and others, a whim. I can easily say that all of the journeys have led to some form of adventure.

Let’s start with the California journey (packed a suitcase and got on a plane from New York). Then how about the Colorado journey (packed up my car and drove cross country from New York)? Of course there is the New England journey (packed a U-Haul and my children). And let’s not forget the one that led to a summer of living on a 50’ Bertram (throwing lines and being out in rough seas may not seem like much that is unless you add the fact that I’m afraid of water over my head).These journeys have led to the experiences and some might say, adventures of marriage, divorce, entrepreneurship, and the best of all, motherhood.

What if I had never taken those journeys? Of course some were scary and others exciting; the result is that they all led me here. But that is not the question that I ask myself on a regular basis. The question that I do ask is: What is my next journey?

On this week’s podcast I have a conversation with an extraordinary woman who has made several journeys, Jackie Botelho, Founder of Above and Beyond VIP Concierge.. Because of the journeys that she has taken, so many people are now able to have experiences that they may not have even thought possible.

Curated Experiences

Fun, curated experiences where people find themselves putting down their phones.  Yes, seriously, a whole evening of not being attached to a phone. And Jackie had also started by packing her car and moving cross country in search of something that she felt she was missing. Because of her determination and passion for people, Jackie turned a hotel from a #11 to a #3 on TripAdvisor. The words that were common among the reviews, Above and Beyond. Why was this? Because Jackie went the extra mile.She had found that missing link, the piece that the hotel had been missing – letting people feel special and appreciated. Think this is a simple concept? Sure. But it takes a special person to be able to turn that concept into a reality.

Now in New York and her second year as the Founder of Above and Beyond VIP Concierge or ABCVIP for short, Jackie is knocking it out of the park with her curated experiences. And these are not just curated experiences, they are curated experiences that are also giving back to the community.   Meet Jackie, Experience Creator.

Jackie podcast

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