Teenagers…Young Adults, divorce and other life changing events.


Teenagers and young adults, a topic we explored with Robin Ordan, LSCW.

There were so many questions that were asked and some answers we didn’t expect. Sometimes we forget that they have been living this family dynamic for their whole teenage and longer life. They can be angry that we’ve somehow changed it.  It doesn’t matter who is at fault, if fault lies with anyone at all.  The anger is usually directed at the parent they reside with. We discussed how they need to be able to let off steam, while at the same time explaining that certain behavior is not acceptable. For sure, a balancing act on our part.

The conversation turned to co-parenting and communication between both parents. How do we deal with a narcissistic ex and the fact that they are the parent of your child? Questions were asked, opinions given and discussion had. It was very interesting and a stressful topic.

Speaking of stress…

We went on to the peaceful yoga/meditation room that Becca Goletz, our host and owner of Paz Yoga, had setup for us where we could immediately feel the stress leaving us. The mood was calming. We learned about essential oils, their use and the benefits.  And then we practiced some wonderful yoga posses.

Thank you to Becca for generously hosting us at her wonderful studio, Robin for engaging us in a stimulating and necessary conversation and Claudia Fascenelli, for providing the delicious food.