In the days to come I will be doing my best to empower you with my top 10 reasons for celebrating, top 10 tips you may not have thought of for those thinking about divorcing and top 10 for those going through divorce.


Top 10 reasons for having a party after getting divorced

  1. You deserve it
  2. It’s a rite of passage
  3. Take a look around you – feeling happy – fantastic
  4.  It probably took you a year to get that paper – now it’s time to close that chapter
  5. Surround yourself with those who appreciate and love you
  6. Congratulate yourself on being free at last
  7. You are awesome
  8. Till death us do not part
  9. Some relationships are just not meant to be
  10. Surrounding yourself with like-minded women is uplifting

Top 10 tips for those thinking of filing for divorce

  1. Make a list of what belongs to you
  2. Make sure you have ownership of your cell number
  3. Make sure you have ownership of your email address
  4. Make sure you have passwords to all digital things
  5. Get a great lawyer or mediator
  6. Calibrate your financial position
  7. Buy sexy underwear
  8. Change your will
  9. See a therapist
  10. Put away negative feelings