Another successful event from Après Divorce that continues to grow a rich organic base of women who are congenial and supportive of one another. The positive dynamics of these events is a result of not simply the venue and the speakers but the warmth and interest of the people in the room. So thank you.

Transitions and Transformations. How do we do it? And do we have the chutzpah to do it? Would you change your lipstick because of the season? How do you easily go from day to night?

Now for the answers. To find them we looked to one of our co-sponsors, noblesalon and our host for the evening, Lord & Taylor and their personal shopper, Kendra Porter. First up, our two ‘ambushed’ makeovers, Sandra and Cathy. Troopers that they are, they received new hair styles, color and makeup by the noble team: Danielle, Ferdone and Erica. Large before pics of both were positioned in the café and Oohs and Ahhs were heard when the ladies appeared. We were then given inside tips and new style tips from our style experts Kendra and the noble women.

Thank you to our co-sponsors Kathy Boyle and the team at noblesalon. And of course, our hosts for the evening Hope Weisel and Kendra Porter of Lord and Taylor and their Signature Café. The night was dedicated to Paint the Town Pink and the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

We’re very excited about our next event, Sunday November 19th ‘Tis the Season to be Awesome and Fabulous!  We are delighted to have Kristen Jensen, Image Stylist through photography and video. And our special guest, Wendy Walker, the accomplished author of Emma in the Night and All Is Not Forgotten. Our host for the evening, the award winning noblesalon.

So save the date.

As with everything, we have some exciting things for 2018. We look forward to telling you about them.