‘Never stop asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up.’
-Loretta LaRoche

‘Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.’
-John Wooden

This is not a movie. We’re living in times that no one could have imagined and that none of us have ever lived through. The next couple of weeks, we’ve been told, will be some of the hardest.

Social distancing, the new rule that we are all following. As has been pointed out, the rule is for physical distancing. We must stay connected, just in a different way. These different ways are making us more social, more compassionate, more connected and more imaginative. A young girl turning 12 was upset that her birthday party was cancelled. Her mother got the word out to the neighborhood and they had a parade of cars that drove past her house in celebration. New York City is showing support of all of the doctors, nurses, and First Responders by shouting and turning on lights daily at 7 pm as are so many other neighborhoods.

I applaud all of the parents, especially the single ones who are juggling homeschooling and working from home.  I’ve closed my eyes to imagine what I would have done and I have to open them real fast. It was hard enough just with homework! This has definitely been an eye opener for so many and the appreciation of teachers has risen 10 fold. In Massachusetts teachers and staff showed their students how they missed and appreciated them with a parade (staying 6 feet apart from each other). In return they received the same appreciation as students held signs saying how much they missed their teachers as well.

Walks along the neighborhood have become a habit for so many. For me as well as I discover streets that I didn’t know existed and see many people doing the same, all smiling and waving, always keeping 6 feet apart. Virtual happy hours, virtual dinners, virtual gatherings have actually brought closeness that we would not have been able to have years ago.

I grew up on books and movies and now I’m watching a lot of streaming and now and then reading. What I find fascinating is that I miss the simple things that I never gave much thought to, just running an errand or stopping at a friend’s house. And I miss the times that my boys would just stop over or we would spontaneously meet for dinner.

I have ordered a couple of 1,000 piece puzzles, something that is at a very high demand, so it is something that I look forward to starting. My sister has finished two of them in the last couple of weeks. Let’s see if I can beat her time.

We can get through this together. We are strong enough and we have to remember to keep that feeling of kindness, compassion and maybe a new found appreciation of keeping in touch, even with just a phone call.

This brings me to this week’s podcast. In light of everything that we are all experiencing, I want to introduce you to Bobbe Greenberg, a true inspiration and a heck of a spitfire. A retired school teacher and a wife, mother and grandmother, Bobbe just won, for the second time in a row, the Ironman World Triathlon. Did I mention that Bobbe is 73? And that she didn’t learn how to swim until she was in her mid-50’s?

So take away some of the stress, even if for a little while and listen to my conversation with the feisty Bobbe Greenberg. Find us on your favorite podcast platform. And of course, our website.

Be safe, be mindful of those around you and remember, you can stay connected even while social distancing. Use things like Face Time, Zoom, or Skype, There are so many ways that we can do this. Keep your mind and body moving. Practice social distancing. Listen to music. Binge on your favorite movies. Take walks. Sing while washing your hands. Feel the sun when it’s shining. Keep that smile, it will come in handy.

Tonight is the first night of Passover and Sunday is Easter. The tables won’t be full with family and friends the way that we are used to but we are innovative and resilient. There will be many a Zoom Sedar happening. We are connected.

However you celebrate, here’s to a Happy and Healthy holiday. May next year bring us closer together.