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Sylvia & Me
Canopy Meg Einstein of the Treetops

This week, I had the privilege of engaging in a fascinating conversation with Dr. Meg Lowman. Known as “Canopy Meg,” she is a globally-renowned forest canopy scientist. The Wall Street Journal dubbed her the “Einstein of the treetops“. Meg has dedicated her life to the conservation of trees and forests worldwide.

A pioneer in forest canopy ecology, Meg has conducted extensive research in forests spanning 46 countries across all seven continents.. Her work has earned her the title of one of the world’s foremost “arbornauts” — individuals who study the intricate ecosystems of forest canopies. Meg refers to them as the Earth’s “eighth continent.”

Beyond her groundbreaking research, Meg is a passionate educator and a strong advocate for promoting diversity in science, particularly for girls and minorities. Her motto: ‘No child left indoors‘. She is the author of several books, serves as a sustainability advisor.  Meg actively participates in various boards and speaking engagements worldwide.