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Inspiring women to embrace change
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Life Changing events happen when we least expect them.

Some traumatic, some challenging, some terrifying, others wonderful. The one thing in common is that even through a crisis, they all give us the opportunity to open a new door and begin a new chapter.

At Life Après we support women going through all stages of life changing events.

Whether it be through regional events, social media, podcasts or personal communication, Life Après is a safe, nonjudgmental place to help empower women to open doors.

Our Mission

To inspire women to embrace change.

Our Goal

Connecting women to a community that helps them improve what really matters…THEMSELVES.

Why Are You Here?

Because you are a woman or have a woman in your life facing one of life’s many passages.

Sylvia & Me ™

Conversations with extraordinary women who are changing the world by making a difference in their lives and the lives around them. Life changing events that are followed by decisions made by strong, independent women. Let’s take a journey together through conversations with these inspiring women.

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Sylvia, in terms of your business and the work that you’re doing you’ve kind of done like a Gold Award and steroids for women, you know seriously identifying this problem that women need this community and they need this voice and that’s what you’re doing.

Mary Barneby

CEO, Girl Scouts CT and American Red Cross Regional

Sylvia is Outstanding! I’ve had the honor of photographing and filming Sylvia in various situations, shoots, events, etc. over the past few years. She is an extremely charismatic entrepreneur and woman. Sylvia’s Podcast is amazing. She has the gift of storytelling and she creates positive energy that make her guests and listeners/followers feel at ease. Thank you, Sylvia!

Kristen Jensen

Founder & CEO, KJ Lifestyles

I drove back from Massachusetts with my mother and we listened to three of them driving home. I especially loved the women author telling the story of her grandfather who lost his family during the WWII

Gina C

Thank you. Sylvia. I love your podcast. You’re doing an amazing thing for all the women out there who need to be empowered, want to be empowered and enjoy being empowered.

Linda Goldman

Attorney Skyer Law

I was excited to hear more and just finished listening for the third time to this interview. What an extraordinary way to help others after such a horrible life destroying event. We are so lucky to have women like Candice (Candace Lightner) take charge and make a change that positively impacts us all. Candice thank you for sharing your incredible story. Sylvia, thank you for helping me and others become more informed and for encouraging us to feel more empowered to take action whenever and wherever we possibly can.

Jamie Schwartz

Financial Advisor

Big kudos to Sylvia for creating inspirational podcasts just when we need it! Don’t miss any- but especially don’t miss Scarlett Lewis who was able to forgive the madman who murdered her 6 year old at Sandy Hook. Her message (that came from her son) is one that everyone needs to hear right now! Thanks again Sylvia!!

Elizabeth Bryan-Jacobs


I love this show! I love hearing Sylvia talk with such incredible women and learn more about who they are and what their stories are. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Whitney R

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